Type: Oil
Dimensions: Width/Height (in inches) 60/48
Year: 2004

This painting fuses two separate descriptions of the Theophany found in the Shavuot Torah reading and the Haftorah reading from Ezekiel. The painting is faithful to Ezekielís mystical vision of G-d with fiery legs and lightning bolts sitting on his throne/chariot surrounded by four creatures with four faces. The chariot has four wheels which are alive with eyes. G-d is portrayed descending on Mount Sinai with the entire Ten Commandments written all over him, illustrating that the giving of the Torah and visitation by G-d are one and the same i.e. G-d is the word and the word is G-d (a somewhat Philo-ic interpretation). The formation of the wings of the creatures and their relationships are also faithful to the text. It should be noted that this vision was the foundation and origin of Kabalistic mysticism.