Type: Water
Dimensions: Width/Height (in inches) 24/18
Year: 1979

All of anthropomorphized nature is dancing in a Hasidic circle rejoicing on the giving of the Torah. An anthropomorphized flower contains the tablets of the law with the inscribed letters of Aleph and Sof standing for Ein Sof, Divine infinity, inscribed on them. Joining in on the dance are humanized clouds and flowers with beard and Shtreimel, humanized hands and heavenly creatures and imps. Delivered and welcomed into the joyous dancing circle is an old man with fetal appendages, (or is it a young fetus with elderly features?) born from the bitter teardrop of a squeezed lemon-eye. In the background, the pendulum of the universal clock ticks eternally to and fro in rhythm with the dance of life and the divine pulsations of Torah.