The Family Noachovich: Rainbow Coalition

The Family Noachovich: Rainbow Coalition
Type: Oil
Dimensions: Width/Height (in inches) 60/48
Year: 2005

G –d, unhappy with the immorality of his living creations destroys all of them in the flood, save for Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives, and male-female couples of every earthly creature. The floating ark on choppy waters is thus symbolic of a new beginning for the surviving remnants of human and animal kind (Shayris Hapleytah).

This painting fuses multiple themes of this story from multiple linear space-time coordinates. Noah is portrayed with a head and beard full of grapes symbolizing the wine he drank and the drunken state which ensued thereafter. Ham his youngest son sees him drunken and naked, and disrespects his father. Noah’s two other sons, Shem and Yefet, walk backwards, averting their eyes, and cover him respectfully. To the immediate left of Noah, are Shem and his wife who cover Noah with a Sefer Torah which is opened to “Parshat Noah”. The Torah scroll illuminates the future contribution made to the human family by the Jews, descendants of Shem. To Noah’s right are Yefet and his wife dressed in classical Greek garb. They are standing on top of a Greek building, symbolic of scientific and aesthetic Greek thought. The building is erected on a cartological contour of Greece. Yavan (Greece) a pillar of human civilization is Yefet’s most accomplished descendant. He is covering his father’s nakedness with the Septuagint scroll, the Greek translation of the Torah, so named because it was translated by seventy Jewish scholars. The scroll is opened to “Parshat Vayerah” detailing Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, the subsequent pivotal event in the biblical history of man.

Noah’s hand on the right is held up in priestly benediction, blessing Shem and Yefet. His hand on the left is pointing an accusatory cursing finger at Ham and his wife. Just as in the first family of Adam and Eve, there is expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden, and expulsion of Cain from human society, this newly reconstituted human family is no different, and begins with expulsion of an erring son. Ham and his wife are dressed in African/Polynesian tribal costumes representing descendants of the human family through Ham’s line. Their tribal costumes have a bird-like theme. The dove which Noah sent out of the ark is removing the olive branch from Ham’s nose and will offer it to Noah in an attempt at father-son reconciliation. Ham’s wife is caressing the raven which was sent out as a messenger prior to the dove. Written on Ham’s wife’s head covering is the word “Ham” in Ethiopic. Despite the exile of Ham and his wife they are as free as birds to start a separate and independent life. They are standing on land in the shape of Africa’s southern rim.

Noah is in an ark which contains animals being set free upon landing on dry land. His feet stand on top of the world, Ararat, which is written in proto-Sinatic also known as proto-Canaanite. These most early letters are in fact ideo-pictographs. They illustrate the original and earliest meaning of the Hebrew alphabetic characters. Ararat is spelled ARRT (aleph, resh, resh Tuf). The first letter “aleph” stands for “el”, which means god, and is pictured as a bull (which symbolizes the strength of G-d). When the Israelites created a golden calf, they created a big sculpted “aleph”, which ideographically symbolized the spirit and strength of a god, not necessarily a god which is physically a bull, or necessarily the one G-d of Israel. The “Toyota” car symbol thousands of years later is virtually identical to the original letter “aleph, and conveys a similar “strength” theme. The following two letters are two “Resh’s”, idio-pictographs of two heads (in Hebrew “rosh” means “head”). The fourth and last letter is “Taf”, in ideo-pictograph of a circled “X marks the spot” letter. Thus in proto-ancient Hebrew, when the word “Ararat” is spelled {ARRT), the pictographic translation is “G-d, head, head, here” i.e. “Ararat, the twin peaks (heads) of the mountain of G-d lie on this spot”. This would explain the atypical Hebrew word structure of ARRT having two sequential identical consonants (resh, resh, RR) without an intervening vowel. This also demonstrates that translating obscure words of the bible into proto-Sinaitic pictographs can illuminate the original meanings of hitherto mysterious biblical words. The world and the ark are surrounded by the waters of the flood. Behind the entire family is a rainbow divided and refracted into the seven primary spectral colors; violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These colors also represent the seven layers of heaven, and the seven Noahide laws.